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Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux
The workshop is staffed by a diverse group of master artisans; each craftsman brings unique talents to the group. Thanks to the numerous restorations of french instruments from 16th to 20th century that Mr. Cattiaux has completed, his team has acquired a wealth of collective experience.

This vast experience enables today the Atelier Cattiaux-Olivier Chevron successor to create a wide range of new instruments in addition to practicing the exacting demands
of restoration and repair.
atelier bertrand cattiaux
artisan in bertrand cattiaux's atelier
Orgues Cattiaux Olivier Chevron successor is located in a 1000 square meter building where, with traditional as well as modern machine tools and computers, the company is able to design and build organs of the utmost quality. The studio is capable of taking a new organ project all the way from design through the final installation and voicing of the instrument.

Thanks to the studio’s expertise with Computer Assisted Design, they can produce digital plans as well as animated simulations of their creations which depict exceptionally accurate renderings of the final instrument — in its home environment.

Orgues Cattiaux Olivier Chevron successeur is a member of GPFO (Groupement Professionnel de Facteurs d'Orgues Français)

It is also a member of ISO (Internation Society of Organ Builders) since 1996.

atelier Bertrand Cattiaux