Artisans of the studio
Atelier Cattiaux Olivier Chevron suc.

Our workshop is fortunate to have a team of cosmopolitan, knowledgeable and passionate organ builders.

Each artist must be accomplished in all aspects of organ building: carpentry, cabinetmaking, iron work, mechanics and pipe making.

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bertrand cattiaux

Olivier Chevron was born in 1967 in Laval. His father was a professional wood and iron worker and a passionate pipeorgan player. At the age of 10 Olivier started his organ studies with his father who gave him courses every day during 6 years. Olivier Chevron was a gifted player but when he discovered the inside of the organ his father looked after he got a passionate of the organ machine.That is how he tuned his first trumped at the age of 14.

Following the advice of an organbuilder Olivier Chevron started his studies as carpenter, cabinetmaker and then organbuilder at the organbuilderschool in Eschau then recently created. Parallel to his studies he worked for Laurent Plet with whom he got experience in pipe organ restauration.

Olivier Chevron had courses with Jean-Loup Boisseau in Eschau so he entered in 1989 Boisseau's workshop who already worked together with Bertrand Cattiaux.
During the following 10 years Olivier Chevron acquired all the skills needed by working on prestigious ancient and newer instruments.

In 2001 Olivier Chevron decided to create his own workshop. Til 2019 he created, restored and maintained many organs. He also worked for collegues organbuilders including Bertrand Cattiaux.

Due to his experience as an organbuilder and business leader Olivier Chevron was asked by Bertrand Cattiaux to succeed him and continue the work he started 40 years ago.

bertrand cattiaux
Laurance Dom began her duties as secretary and accountact to the atelier in 1998. She is in charge of all administrative functions for the workshop.
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Helmut Eckhardt has been a member of the workshop since 1998. Born in Germany, he is a complete organ builder, versed in all facets of the trade from conception to realization.
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Rodolphe Chevalier came in 2015 and is woodworker, he has much experience in organcase building.
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Virgile Bardin, is a "compagnon organbuilder" having worked with us from 2007 to 2009. After he worked for several organbuilders in france, spain and australia , to improve his knowlege, he came back in 2015. Besides his work with our team he is the pupil of Bertrand Cattuiaux who will transmit him his knowlege through the Master of Art project.
bertrand cattiaux
Laurent Massalve is cabinetmaker and an organ builder. He joined us in 2017.
bertrand cattiaux
Eva Delmas ,
joined the workshop in november 2020.
She has a professional certificate in cabinet making.
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Gonzalo Frau
joined the company in january 2021 and is actually doing the apprenticeship at Eschau.
Thomas ville
bertrand cattiaux
Thomas Ville
is a cabinetmaker since 2017. He joined us in february 2022.