Organ of Saint Remi Basilica in Reims

Creation: Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux 2000

Dispostion III/P 46 jeux
II Great 61 n. (A0-a5) I Positif 61 n. (A0-a5) III Swell 58n( c1-a5)
Montre 16' Montre 8' Viole 8'
Montre 8' Bourdon 8' Bourdon 8'
Bourdon 8' Prestant 4' Prestant 4'
Prestant 4' Flûte 4' Quintade 4'
Quinte 2 2/3 Nazard 2 2/3' Doublette 2'
Doublette 2' Doublette 2' Quinte 1 1/3'
Tiercelette 1 3/5' Qte. de Nazard 2' Sifflet 1'
Four. progressive II à VIII rgs Tierce 1 3/5' Cornet V rgs
Mixture IV rgs Larigot 1 1/3' Cornetta VI rgs
Grand Cornet V rgs Plein-Jeu V rgs Trompette 8'
Douçaine 16' Cromorne 8' Voix humaine 8'
Trompette 8' Tremblant   Tremblant  
Clairon 4'        
B. de chamade 4'        
D. de chamade 8'        
Pedal 30 notes        
Flûte 16'        
Principal 16' (from Great)        
Soubasse 16' :      
Principal 8'        
Flûte 8'        
Octave 4'        
Basson 16'        
Trompette 8'        
Clairon 4'        

Tirasses : I, II, III, III en 4'
Couplers: I/ II, III/ II et II/ III
Pedal couplers: I/P, II/P, III/P & III/4'P
Mecanic tracker action, electric stop action
A: 440Hz at 15°C
Temperament Barca


Organ of the basilique Saint Remi in Reims

The organ was acheived in the year 2000. The istrumental part is mainly inspired from two organs that we have formerly restored, Etampes an organ of the 16th century and Bolbec constructed in 1630.

The organ of St. Remi is a polyphonic french instrument that allows to play the european music from the 16th to the 18th centuries as well as a big part of the 20th century. In addition the organ is very suitable for contemporary music.

The organcase has been designed by the parisian architect Jean-Luc Giraud, it has 20 feet pipes in the front and a back positif
of 8'.
The organcase was realized by Yves Lehuen, cabinetmaker
Instrumental concept: Bertrand Cattiaux
Realisation: Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux
Voicing: Bertrand Cattiaux

Organist: Benjamin-Joseph Steens

Le Site " Renaissance des Grandes Orgues de la Basilique Saint Rémi de Reims" is very informative about concert dates, the organist, CD's and articles about the organ from J-L Giraud, Yves Lehuen et Bertrand Cattiaux.