Organ in Saint Pierre church of Nielles-les-Ardres

Organ by Guillaume Van Belle 1696
Restauration: Decourcelles 2005
Reconstruction of the positif: Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux 2012

Disposition II 19 jeux
I Positif 45n. (c1-c5) II Grand-Orgue 45n. (c1-c5)    
Bourdon 8' Bourdon 8'    
Flûte 4' Montre 4'    
Doublette 2' Flûte 4'    
Petit Nazard 2 2/3' Nasard 2 2/3'    
Tierce 1 3/5' Doublette 2'    
Superoctave 1' Sesquialtera II    
Cornet II rgs (c#3-c5) Cornet V rgs (d#3-c5)    
Cymbale II Fourniture III    
    Cymbale II    
    Trompette (B/D) 8'    
    Voix Humaine 8'    

Shift coupler
Rossignol, Grelo ( two high pitch detuned pipes),Tambour (two stopped detuned wooden pipes)
Tremulant mild

This flamish organ was build by Guillaume Van Belle in 1696 and has been restored by Pierre Decourcelles (Belgium) in 2005. The reconstruction of the missing positif has been executed by Bertrand Cattiaux's workshop in 2012. The wind supply, note mecanic, stop mecanic and the radial windchest had to be recreated, in copy of the techniques of the organbuilder Van Belle. The pipes were build following the famish tradition with pipes in laminated or hammered lead.

Voicing was done by Jean-Marie Tricoteaux in association with Itaru Sekiguchi of the Atelier Cattiaux

For further informations you can see the Restauration account
( in pdf format, only in french).