Choir Organ for Cossonnay's Curch (Switzerland)
Reconstitution-création: Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux 2007

Cossonnay Disposition I 7
    I Grand-Orgue 45n. (c1-c5) oct. courte  
    Bourdon 8'    
    Prestant 4'    
    Flûte 4'    
    Quinte 3'    
    Doublette 2'    
    Plein-Jeu III r.    
    Régale 8' basse & dessus  
A: 392 Hz          
Temperament: meantone 1/4 of a coma      


This instrument is inspired from a table organ dating around 1700 by LANGUEDHUL

Case in massive cherry wood
Dimensions : l 1,25m; h 2,20m; d 0,60m
Pipes in hammered lead.
The wind can be produced manually or with a blower.

Voicing: Bertrand Cattiaux et Itaru Sekiguchi.