Organ of the Holy Chapel of the Dukes of Savoie at Chambéry

Modification, restauration: Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux 2014

Stoplist II/P 24 stops
I Grand-Orgue 56n. II Pectoral Pos 56n. Pédale 30n.
Montre 8' * Bourdon 8' Soubasse 16'
Bourdon 8' Flûte 4' * Flute 8'
Prestant 4' * Dublette 2' Flûte 4'
Flûte 4' Sesquialtera II r. Douçaine 16' *
Nazard 2 2/3' Plein-Jeu II r. *    
Doublette 2' * Voix-Humaine 8'    
Flûte 2'        
Tierce 1 3/5'        
Larigot 1 1/3'        
Flageolet 1'     Tremblant  
Fourniture II r. *     Man couplers: II/I  
Cymbale II r. *     Ped couplers. II, I  
Grand Cornet V r.        
Trompette 8'        

* = new stops

The original organ from 1675 was build by Etienne Sénot in the beautyful case of François Cunéot. There is nothing left of this instyrument except the upper part of the case.

In 1975 Haerpfer-Erman build a new organ which is still in place today

During the restauration of the chapel the instrument was partly removed by the workshop Pascal Quoirin. Later the Atelier Bertrand Cattiaux reinstalled the organ by doing some modifications like changing the aspect of the console to fit to the organ case, a modification of the Stoplist and a comlete new voicing of new and old pipes.

Voicing: Bertrand Cattiaux & Laurent Anen